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    Visual Poems by Roqué

    This summer, I am releasing short digital art pieces that I am calling “Visual Poems”.  They will generally be no more than one minute in length and will include video footage with any combination of spoken word poetry and/or original music. They can be viewed exclusively on my new Youtube channel, and I will announce on all social media when new poems are released. Why am I doing this? I want to explore different ways of expressing my ideas. I have always been a musician, visual artist, and writer/poet.  As such, why don’t I combine all of these skills into something that is textured and multi-dimensional? Why stick to only…

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    My Summer of Art and Creativity

    It’s June!! Now that summer is upon us, I am feeling blissfully excited to create magical, beautiful things. There is a small handful of projects I want to take on over the next three months, and I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram and social media. Here are the upcoming projects in a nutshell. Creative Thesis Project The biggest project I am tackling is one related to school. This is a sizable undertaking that will require a large amount of thought, time, and effort. Work begins this month. More on that later. Photography Some of you may have noticed the photos of flowers I’ve been posting on social media. Those…

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    Creativity and Identity: To Be is To Do

    I have learned to redefine what I believe a creative person is.  It is not solely about the label of being a “performer”, “musician”, “inventor”, or “sculptor”.  As one’s identity relates to creativity, it has less to do with an actual title and more to do with an active state of doing creative work. A creative person performs music every day.  She works on developing a new invention on a regular basis.  She has designated times to work on a current sculpture or 3-dimentional concept.  He is constantly tweaking a new business plan or marketing strategy. A creative person is actively engaged in the work and craftsmanship of creating. To…