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    Roque’s Weekly Review for 07/17/19

    I have had a memorable week. Last Thursday, I got to perform three songs at a wedding for friends of mine. This has been in the works for months. I composed new arrangements for the songs, and I’ve been fine-tuning them a whole lot. I used most of my sound equipment and my faithful keyboard that I have had for years. It was a magical day, and I loved singing for the happy couple. Then, last Friday, I joined some friends of mine at the Ascend Amphitheater in downtown Nashville to see one of my favorite bands Young the Giant perform. I got to hang out with people I adore,…

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    Intention: Rest

    There are some truths in life that are worth knowing deeply. One of these truths is the value of rest. Yup.  Rest. I am sharing my thoughts about this because weariness and burnout are mightily formidable. They wreak havoc upon your body and your spirit steadily, and over a long time (or even a lifetime), they can erode all of the parts of your life that were intended to give you  joy and fulfillment. First, let’s clarify what I mean by “rest”. I am not talking only about sleeping at night.  I am referring to an intention to shut out all of the pressure, noise, expectations, and anxieties you face…

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    Intention: The Value of a Slow Lifestyle

    I grew up on a remote island in the South Pacific.  I vividly remember what life was like over there.  The speed limit was no more than 25 miles per hour on the roads.  Everything.  EVERYTHING moved at its own seemingly glacial pace. Nonetheless, things still got done.  People worked, cooked food, had gatherings with friends and family, built homes, and lived full and rich lives. On a clear summer night, I left that island with my tear-stained face on a plane headed for America.  Now, I live in a land in which someone else is always driving faster than you on the freeway, regardless of your own breakneck speed. …

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    Intention: Incremental Learning for Life

    One of the primary ideas I want to explore here at BLOOM is the concept of intention.  This is the first of an ongoing series of posts that expound upon the notion of living a life of intention. First of all, what is intention? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, intention is defined as ” a determination to act in a certain way.” It is synonymous with the words .  .  . purpose resolve aim conviction hope It’s a big word with a lot of depth.  So, the next question is “How does one live a life of intention?” I suppose it means living with an active awareness of and acting…

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    What I Have to Give

    I wanted to take some time to go a little more in depth about the intentions behind my new website.  It is, in fact, more than just a forum for me to promote my music and performances.  I am not in this for constant self-promotion or to make any money. At this point, the truth is twofold:  I want to practice my skills.  In addition to being a musician, I am, for better or worse, a multi-hyphenate.  I am a singer-pianist-cellist-ukulele player-visual artist-photographer-storyteller-web designer-graphic designer-poet-writer-budding filmmaker-catlady-etc.  I wanted to create a virtual space in which I can explore all of my interests from any and all vantage points.  This website…

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    Welcome To My Brand New Website!

    Today is August 1st! It is the official launch date of my brand new website roqueinbloom(dot)com.  This overhaul has been one of my big projects over the summer.  I decided that along with my name change to Roqué, I wanted to cultivate and present a broader view of my creative output. As such, this new website will not only be a place to access my music and information about upcoming shows, but it will also be an online forum for my visual art and writing. As of this launch, you can now view galleries of my drawings, digital art, and photography as well as listen to my music.  There will…