Roque's Weekly Review

Roque’s Weekly Review on 10/24/18

Yes, it has been a minute since I last posted an update. This last month has been full of school projects and travel, but things are calming down for a little bit.

1. School Update

In the last month, I worked as a director for one film project and then as a producer for another. I worked within a team of fellow students to design ten minute variety show types of programs. We acquired actors/comedians and a vaudeville/juggling act.  Both projects were filmed in a studio, and we used multiple cameras, lighting plots, set decorations, and set changes. A lot of thought went into these projects, and we were quite happy with the results.

Since I am a singer and musician, I recorded a jingle for both projects in which I laid down vocal harmony parts. This was super fun. Wanna hear the jingle I created?  Just press play .  .  .

This next month promises to be even busier with our final projects.

2. Latest Blog Post

On my most recent blog post, I answered questions about how I work from a series of questions obtained from Lifehacker’s weekly series that asks professionals from all backgrounds what their work habits are. I provide all kinds of tidbits about my own best practices and hacks. Click on this link to read:

How I Work

3. Viva Las Vegas!

As displayed on social media, I went to Las Vegas over a week ago to reconnect with classmates from my alma mater, Marist Brothers High School, in American Samoa. With attendees coming from Washington State, California, and Hawaii, this was the first official gathering of my graduating class. There were only nine of us who made it, but there was no shortage of catching up to do. There are discussions of another reunion happening next year in Honolulu, HI.  I will be posting more pictures on my next blog post this weekend.

4. Subscribe to Pianissimo

Yup, the newest issue of my e-newsletter hits mailboxes soon. Feel free to subscribe here if you haven’t yet.

Subscribe to Pianissimo

5. More Piano to Come

You’ll be seeing lots more piano in my world and in social media from now on. I’m feeling a little adventurous .  .  .

That’s all for this week’s update. Check back here or find me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

More to come soon .  .  .




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