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Roque’s Weekly Review for 7/3/19

Welcome to another weekly review!! Here in middle Tennessee, summer is in full swing. There’s sweltering heat, long days when the sun rises earlier and sets later, when you cannot seem to drink enough fluids to stay hydrated, and cannot shed enough clothing to stay cool.

Summer is a big time for me to be outdoors. I go for walks out on my half-mile long driveway and along our creek and spend lots of time on our deck taking in the sights and sounds of our woodland view.

This week, I wanted to feature one of the biggest activities of mine during warm weather. I love to ride my bicycle. In my case, I prefer riding on greenways because drivers on main roads tend to be crazy and impatient. Luckily, both Nashville and Murfreesboro, which are within an hour’s drive of my house, have beautifully designed greenways. I have taken numerous photos of my bicycle during my many excursions through these places.

This week, check out my bicycle photography. These photos showcase the many picturesque areas of the greenways near me.


I was riding along through Shelby Bottoms Park in East Nashville when I noticed the reflection of the sky in a massive puddle in the parking lot.

I couldn’t resist taking this shot . . .

In Murfreesboro, both the train tracks and the Stones River crisscross along the greenway path. Two modes of transportation are represented here:

Nashville’s greenway starts at Percy Priest Dam at its east end. This location comes with a sprawling field where bales of hay linger about waiting to be hauled off:

One of the defining features of greenways in middle Tennessee is its bridges. They are simple and symmetrical designs that do not obstruct air flow and views. They blend in well with the surroundings. I love these bridges:

There is a glorious skate park along the way in Nashville’s greenway. It comes equipped with some vibrant graffiti:

Nashville’s city planners managed to incorporate the downtown walking bridge into its greenway path across the city. Well played Music City, well played . . .

Greenways generally link local parks and play areas together. This shot was taking in the bleachers at a softball field along the path in Murfreesboro:

This is one of my favorite stretches of Nashville’s greenway. It is a wooden walkway along a tributary of the Cumberland River in the Donelson area. You would never know that this exists because it hides behind a small suburban neighborhood . . .

Just outside downtown along the greenway path . . .

Here is one of the Nashville’s iconic stops along the way:

Most of the sections of greenways run along creeks and rivers. The sound of flowing water as I ride by is very calming . . .

Part of the sunset view at Percy Priest Dam:

They call them greenways for a reason . . .

There are often gently sloping hills and clear views along the way. Even in the winter, there is still plenty of green . . .

Here is a hidden gem along the Murfreesboro Greenway:

This is my bicycle at rest. We have gone on countless rides together and will be going on countless more . . .

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you enjoyed my bicycle photography and the views of my local greenways.

I have something different to showcase next week.

Go out for an adventure somewhere!!!


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