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Roque’s Weekly Review for 6/5/2019

These summer days are so full of light and warmth. I have been taking the time to rest my body and care for myself. I drink plenty of fluids, rest when I am tired, and make time for my cat. I have also been getting acupuncture treatments to help with sinus, allergy, and congestion problems. I want my body to feel rejuvenated.

I also have a good bit of creative work this summer with my photography, film editing, art, and lots of music on my piano, cello, and ukulele.

This week, I wanted to feature a couple of works. Check out something old and something new . . .

Featured Work

A long time ago, I filmed a performance of a song of mine called Tears In Savannah, which came off of my debut album that I released a while back. This set was captured on a small camcorder in low light. It has a vintage look that I do not mind all that much. The aspect ratio is a bit weird, and it has a lot of visual noise due to its low resolution. In any case, it is a snippet of me some years ago with short hair as I was carving my path as a pianist and balladeer. Have a look and a listen.

Enjoy . . .

Up next, here is some photography I took over the last month. Our garden has sprouted gorgeous blooms. I’ve gone biking on Murfreesboro’s greenway. I helped to make flower arrangements for a wedding, and the last photo is of a delicious salad from our garden.


Here are two of the latest blog posts from my blog Tropical Shade of Green. If you want to know a little more about what goes on behind the scenes when I take photos, this post is for you . . .

I have a summer full of reading ahead. Here is what I have on my summer reading list . . .

There you have it! That does it for this week’s update! I hope you have enjoyed stopping by. There’s more to come over the next few weeks including a lot of new photography and some of my new films.

See you next week!


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