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Roque’s Weekly Review for 6/19/2019

I have had a lot to do since last week’s review. My summer is just flying by. I spent a few days in the Nashville area helping my mom with her big annual yard sale. We sold a bunch of stuff and donated a ton of items to Goodwill. It actually felt great to get rid of so much. Many items found good new homes, and my mom had less stuff to deal with.

This week I wanted to showcase more photography. I live out in the country of middle Tennessee, and commonly seen around these parts are barns. Yes, barns. They are large and imposing structures that look like dinosaurs standing frozen from a distance past. I see them everywhere.

Last fall, I chose to photograph several of the ones in my neighborhood. Here are the results of my visitations with these sweet, gentle giants.


That’s all for this week’s update folks! I hope your summer is as glistening and decadent as you want!

See you next week!

Now go eat some ice cream!


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