Roque's Weekly Review

Roque’s Weekly Review for 12/19/18

Yes, it has been a minute since I published one of my weekly reviews. Nonetheless, here I am, and I have some fun tidbits to share.

1. Fall Semester 2018 in College

As of yesterday morning, my university released my grades for this past semester. I worked very hard, and my grades were awesome! I had numerous projects and papers that each took a lot of thought, time, and sweat equity. I learned a lot this semester, but I sure am glad it is over. I now have a month off from school, and though I do have quite a bit of work to do on an ongoing project, it will not be nearly as busy for me.

2. Photography Showcase

Over the next few weeks, I will be showcasing some of my new photography that I shot as projects for school. I am really proud of some of the work that I did, and I will be adding many of the shots to my portfolio. I will be sharing some of the images in a few of the upcoming weekly updates. Here are the first I’d like to share.

My final project involved taking pictures of artists and artisans in their work spaces. One of the artists I did this for was a man by the name of Jai Sheronda. He makes colorful lamps out of gourds that are grown in his green house. The gourds are hollowed out, and the shells are embedded with pieces of stained glass. They are charming and whimsical works of art that are functional and unique. Here are some of the photos I took:

It was a wonderful experience getting to document Jai’s work and to be in his beautiful creative space!

3. Posts on my blog Tropical Shade of Green

Every Sunday, I publish a new post on my blog Tropical Shade of Green. Here are some of the newest posts:

Trust Yourself

Learning How to Relax

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Next week’s blog post on TSOG will offer a look back at 2018 including highlights with school, the books I’ve read, and the places I’ve seen.

That’s my update for now. Thank you for following along in this journey of my life with me. I will share more new photography next week, and I’ll have more news to share.

Happy Holidays!

Be kind and be generous to yourself and others.


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