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Roque’s Weekly Review for 09/25/19

So what’s new with me this week?

Well, I am deep in the planning stages of my current film project. I have recruited a crew including camera operators, a sound recordist, a producer, a script supervisor, and someone to help with costuming. I am close to having a complete cast of actors for all of the roles involved. There is plenty to work on with this piece. The next couple of months will be hectic and fun.

On a sad note, we just found out today that our 15-year-old dog Isobel is dealing with kidney failure. After a few days of weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite, I was hopeful that she just had a stomach bug that would pass, but this was not the case. Her veterinarian made the diagnosis, and now we are faced with some difficult decisions and the privilege of making her feel as loved and as comfortable as possible for the time being. We will be announcing more in social media as her status evolves.


This week, I actually want to feature someone else’s work. Last night, I attended a screening at my school of films that explore the issues surrounding immigrant justice in America. It was a film series called Stories Beyond Borders.

All of the featured films were incredibly well done and thoughtfully produced. As an immigrant myself, many of the issues and ideas that were expressed resonated with me. Here is one of the films that I saw last night, and it was one of my favorites. I present to you “Undocujoy” . . .


This week, I talk about something I have struggled with in the past. How do we prevent comparing ourselves and our lives to other people? Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Thank you for checking in on me! Everything is moving along, and I am grateful for so many sweet moments I get to have with loved ones and by myself.

Enjoy your week.


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