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Roque’s Weekly Review for 09/04/19

Hello Everyone! I have had quite a full week of activities with birthday celebrations, a small film shoot in the woods last Monday, and a fun Labor Day pool party. Here is a photo of the BEAUTIFUL birthday cake my family got for me last weekend:

Yeah, my family calls me “Don”. It’s complicated.

This week, work gets underway for my big film project this fall semester. I am recruiting crew members and talent for a mockumentary that I have been mulling over for a while in my head. More on that later. I’ll also be part of the crew for other film projects currently in development.

In addition to my film production class, I have classes in mass media law and sound for film. There will be no shortage of work across the next three months.

Outside of classes and several film projects, I will also be an Honors College Ambassador for the second year in a row. Special events, such as the Kungfu Panda Movie Night and a Halloween Escape Room, are among a few events that the Ambassadors will be planning and hosting at the Honors College Building and the Honors College dorm.

In case you have not seen my short film YUP that I released last week, here it is:

This work was a labor of love that was a collaboration with several artists and performers in my community. It was so much fun to make! Thanks to those of you who have seen it already. Please pass it on to anyone who you think might enjoy it.

(Feel free to copy and past this link to pass YUP on to others:

On my blog post this week, I discuss a few details relating to the origins of this film and why I decided to make it. You can read that post here:

Thank you for stopping by! There’s more to come in this adventurous life I am living,


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