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Roque’s Weekly Review for 08/21/19

It’s been another full week leading up to today. I just got back from a weekend trip to Florida. This past Sunday, I published a post on my blog Tropical Shade of Green about my visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC two weeks ago. This was a personal bucket list event for me, and I was so happy and grateful to have done it.

If you haven’t read that post yet, here it is. It features photos I took and a short list of some of the important things I learned from it all.

Next week, I start my final semester as an undergraduate student at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. I’m getting lots of my supplies and my schedule in order. It is surreal that I am almost done with my college life. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey so far.

Also, next week, I celebrate my birthday, and this year, I decided to present the world with a gift. I will be premiering my short film YUP for all to see on Youtube! It will go live on midnight US Central Standard Time just as the date shifts to 08/28. As a bonus, the theme song to the film will be available on all digital streaming services internationally. I hope you can tune in to see all of the fireworks.


I took A LOT of photos during my visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. In addition to the ones I am featuring on the blog post mentioned above, here are a few more.


In addition to the post referenced above showcasing my visit to the USHMM, here are two other recent posts on my blog Tropical Shade of Green. I write about the simple elements of my life that create exponential benefits:

In this post, I extol the values of solitude.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my foray into the holocaust of World War II this past week. I know that it is not an easy topic to digest, but it is absolutely something that all people everywhere need to know about.

Next week will be collosal! I celebrate my birthday and debut my film YUP!

Please have yourself a lovely week. Get plenty of rest and find a quiet place outdoors to connect with yourself.


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