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Roque’s Weekly Review for 08/14/19

Oh what a hectic week it’s been! Over the last few days, I did a little whirlwind trip out of town to Orlando, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. I will be unpacking what I did there for you all over the next couple of weeks. (Also, I have a wee little announcement at the end of this posting . . .)

One occurrence was a bucket list item that I finally got to do. As a preview, here is a photo that I took after all was said and done . . .

Yes, that is a photo of a cup of cookies and cream ice cream that I needed to have at the time. Yes, I needed it. You will understand why when I tell you. This Sunday on my blog, and for next week’s review, all will be revealed.

Since August is my birthday month, it is always a time of reflection for me. I look back at my life over the last twelve months and take stock of what has happened. Here are some noteworthy events that have transpired since August of last year . . .

  • I directed, filmed, and produced 8 short films.
  • I traveled to Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, Indiana, and Washington, DC.
  • I wrote and recorded my first dance/pop song which will be released some time this fall.
  • My sister gave birth to my 5th niece. She’s beautiful.
  • My little family bought our adorable house out here in the woods of middle Tennessee. This was a long time coming.
  • I’ve taken over 5,000 photographs.
  • I performed music at a wedding for the very first time.
  • I completed another school year in college as a full-time student.

Looking back, I can’t believe I did all of that. I wonder what surprises lie ahead in the year to come.


Last week, I featured photos of plants and flowers from my Mom’s award-winning garden. Well, since summer blooms are popping up everywhere, I have decided to feature another garden this week. Recently, I visited my friend Branch’s garden at his home at Dogwood Farm. Nestled on a sunny hilltop, his garden gets plenty of warm sunlight. Melons, berries, flowers, and lots of vegetables grow aplenty as a result of his gardening diligence. Here are some photos of his lovely handiwork . . .


This last Sunday, I published a lengthy blog post about the keystones of my life. What I mean by keystones are the simple daily acts I carry out that have exponential value and benefits. I share this because I hope you have found your keystones too . . .

Now here for your perusal is my post about the immense value of solitude:

Lastly, I have an announcement to make! On my birthday, Wednesday, August 28, 2019, I will premiere my short film “YUP” on Youtube for all the world to see!! I’ll have more details in the next few days!

I hope your week is going well so far! Enjoy these warm summer days. Catch a gorgeous sunset. Eat some cold and sweet ice cream to cool yourself down.


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