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Roque’s Weekly Review for 08/07/19

As I type this week’s update, I am sitting in an airport in Orlando, Florida. I am waiting a bit longer than expected for my flight to board due to heavy storms that are passing through the area. Flights have been grounded. I am not complaining one bit. There is free Wifi. I have a snack, and there are power outlets built into the seats of the waiting areas. I am charging all of my devices and chillaxing.

August is my birthday month! I am having micro-celebrations for all 31 days! So far so good! My travel plans this week are part of that mix.

This weekly update has a new logo! The previous logo was lovely, but I wanted to create something that was simpler in form but broader in what it represents. There is only a single “R” now, and it is centered within an eclipse design. Besides being the first letter in my name, the “R” also relates to these weekly updates as reviews and reflections on my thoughts and experiences every week.

As for the eclipse design, I view my creative work as the merging of disparate elements in order to create something entirely new. The period of totality during an eclipse is extraordinarily different from what the sun and moon produce on their own. That synergistic result is what fuels my work. (I also seriously LOVE solar eclipses. They are simply spectacular!) The colors of the logo will change every month.

First of all, it’s been a week of magical arrivals. My niece Luna was born last Thursday night. At 7 lbs. and 19 inches, she is a healthy baby girl. They have been monitoring her breathing in the NICU ever since, but she is slated to go home very soon.

Luna is the tenth addition to the group of nieces and nephews that my siblings have produced, but as it turns out, she was not the only new arrival in my life.

Last Saturday, we had a mysterious visitor enter my home in the woods. My house sits half a mile from a main road, and it takes a while to get to my place on anything other than a car. This precious little thing found her way into our greenhouse out of the blue . . .

She looks like some sort of Calico mix with big green eyes and dramatic coloring on her face. From what I can tell, she is only a few months old and very malnourished. We’ve been feeding her ever since she has arrived, and she has reciprocated with lots of warm affection.

Since we already have three cats, it’s not likely that she will be able to stay with us long term, but we will nurse her to health before finding a loving forever home.


My mom is a dedicated (and talented) gardener. You can find her out in the yard every day fine tuning every detail of her garden. The plants are nourished. The weeds are pulled out. The colors bounce of off every petal joyously.

Over the past week, my mom was informed that her lawn was chosen as the “Lawn of the Month” by her neighborhood association! This recognition is well deserved. Her garden is beautiful. Here are some photos I took of her magical plant space. Pretty much every other lawn on her street pales in comparison . . .


Here are the most recent posts from my blog. Click below to read about my thoughts on the value of solitude and minimizing the effects of digital technology in our lives.

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Well, that’s all for this week’s update! I’ll have more next week about my adventurous travels!

Happy August!


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