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Roque’s Weekly Review for 07/17/19

I have had a memorable week. Last Thursday, I got to perform three songs at a wedding for friends of mine. This has been in the works for months. I composed new arrangements for the songs, and I’ve been fine-tuning them a whole lot. I used most of my sound equipment and my faithful keyboard that I have had for years. It was a magical day, and I loved singing for the happy couple.

Then, last Friday, I joined some friends of mine at the Ascend Amphitheater in downtown Nashville to see one of my favorite bands Young the Giant perform. I got to hang out with people I adore, chomp on yummy snacks, and lounge about on the big outdoor lawn on a warm summer evening. How sweet is that?


This week, I wanted to showcase a celebrated annual occurrence in my household. Around this time every year, our brugmansia plants sprout their flowers and bloom. Not only are they among the most beautiful flowers in the world, but they are also incredibly aromatic. Commonly known as Angel’s Trumpets, they give off the sweetest scent in the evenings.

Here are some photos I took of this year’s blooms. I love this plant so much.





A new addition to our garden this year is the yellow variety of Brugmansia. It is also quite heavenly . . .


Here are two of the latest posts from my blog Tropical Shade of Green.

Where do you go? Who are you when you hide . . .

That’s a wrap for this week’s review! I hope you enjoyed our Brugmansia menagerie!

May you all have a sweet and blissful week to come!



  • Mark Hubbard


    Jason and I are so grateful for your amazing contribution to our wedding. It was clear you put a lot of work into preparing and arranging and making the songs your own. Those songs and your performance were an integral part of our vision for the wedding / ritual / marriage / celebration from very early on – they were as much the ceremony and the vows as any other element. The words have such deep meaning for us and it was so brilliant of you to use a slower pace so that you and we could savor every word. So expressive! It would have been nearly impossible for our guests to miss our meaning.

    • Roque

      I was actually incredibly honored that you asked me to perform. I had not played for a wedding yet, and I was so happy and excited to have the opportunity!! My goal was for the lyrics and the emotions of the songs to come through. Less showmanship and more intimacy and heartfelt expression. The gratefulness is all mine to pour forth. Thank you for getting married and allowing me to play a small role in such a life-affirming and meaningful experience.

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