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Roque’s Weekly Review for 07/24/19

It has been another full week here at my home in the woods. Final plans are underway to purchase the house and the acreage of land that we live on. This has been a long time coming. There are lots of issues to address when buying a home such as money, loans, homeowner’s insurance, land boundaries, and all kinds of other details. It has been an incredibly tedious process at times, but the end goal is finally in sight.

Last Saturday, I attended the annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Convention in downtown Nashville with two fellow musicians. This was the first time I attended this event that showcases new musical instruments and all kinds of audio gear from across the country. Big companies like Casio, Yamaha, and Gibson Guitars were represented along with a slew of smaller, up-and-coming manufacturers.

My friend and guitarist extraordinaire Andrew invited me for the day to poke around and sniff out some cool gear.

One new discovery I made was this Kala 8-string ukulele. It had a much fuller sound with double the strings, and it was just so pretty. I want one of these!

Another new discovery was the soon-to-be-released Casio keyboard Privia PX S1000 in red. I’ve been using the same old Casio keyboard for everything for several years now. I am due for an upgrade in the near future, and this might just be the one. Not only is it affordable, but it has a solid sound along with a lightweight body. The bold red coloring doesn’t hurt either. Sigh.

I also celebrated a bunch of birthdays with my family this week. For whatever reason, July has the most birthdays! Good times.


This week, I am featuring another video that I made a while back. I wanted to film a piece of art-in-action (though I suppose that is what anything that is filmed essentially is). In this case, I filmed myself in the act of creating art with the intention of setting it to a piece of music that directly relates to the art being made. If that doesn’t make any sense, that’s okay. Just watch this:

If you are a Youtube enthusiast, please feel free to subscribe to my channel. I have lots of strange and quirky films to share with the world.


Here are two of the most recent posts from my blog.

This one discusses the steps and conditions needed to clear out the mountain of stuff that is lounging about in your garage. I helped some friends do this last month, and it was surprisingly gratifying.

Since I live in the woods of middle Tennessee, it goes without saying that I love being surrounded by nature. If you live in a city, finding green space to explore may be difficult. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort to regularly integrate solitude with nature into your life. Here’s why . . .

That about covers this week’s review and reflection. As I type this, a brief cold spell is about to hover over my neck of the woods. We’ve also had a good bit of rain, and I am tremendously thankful for all of this.

I hope your days to come are somehow both productive and filled with rest.

Thank you for following along on this creative journey of mine.


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