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    Roque’s Weekly Review for 08/28/19

    Today is my birthday!!!!!! To celebrate, I am premiering my film YUP on Youtube starting today. This film was originally an assignment for my production class in college last spring, and it is the result of the generous collaborative efforts of several artists and performers in my community.

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    Roque’s Weekly Review for 02/08/2019

    Hello to you and to a brand new February in winter. There have been some cold days over the last week. Staying warm and preventing illness has been a big priority. I have some fun stuff to share. So let’s get to it. College Update and Short Film Feature. I completed and turned in my first film project for the spring semester. This one was tricky to film, but I am happy with how this turned out. This week, instead of my usual photography feature, I thought I’d share this little film with you. For starters, the assignment was a 5X5. This means that the complete film had to have…