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Roque’s Weekly Review for 10/16/19

I am deep into my hectic fall semester at school. Not only am I on the crew for several film other projects, but I am also directing my own film. Hunting down and confirming locations, reserving equipment, finding talent, making sure all of the crew is on the same page, and any number of details are what I have to contend with. Thankfully, my plate is full.

This coming Sunday, October, 20, I am filming a big scene for my project. It is a rally and counter protest involving as many extras as I can gather. Here are the details:

If you live in the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas, come on out to be in my films! It’s going to be a lot of fun!


This past week, I started reading a new book. Since the last two I read were so dark and ominous, I wanted something more lighthearted and joyful. I’ve had this book on my queue to read, and now I have finally taken it on . . .

So far, it is an honest and funny memoir about her time as a regular performer on Saturday Night Live, a new mom, and a divorcee. It is definitely devoid of anything dark and ominous. I’m fine with that.


This week I have decided to showcase some of my cloud photography. Yes, that’s right! Soft, billowy, gorgeous clouds in the sky! These are not photos taken from the ground as a mere mortal. They were snapped while I was up in the air on an airplane. I love sitting in a window seat for this reason. Being up among the clouds makes me so happy and fills me with wonder. They are truly magical. I’ve been lucky to have flown a lot over the past year to places like Sarasota, Atlanta, Baltimore, Indianapolis, and Orlando. For all except one of those flights, I got a window seat! Here are the results of such glorious serendipity . . .


Here is the latest post from my weekly blog from which I publish my writings every Sunday. This one explores the internal and external ways that I deeply take care of myself.

In this post, I expound upon the boundaries, both personal and otherwise, that we maintain throughout our lives. They are real and often necessary. What boundaries to you keep?


Lastly, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the short film that I directed for school last spring. I released it last August, and it is now on Youtube for all to see. You can watch here right now:

Well, that’s all for this week! Thank you for stopping by to see what is new with me!

There is so much more to come!


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