Roque's Weekly Review

Roque’s Weekly Review for 1/31/2019

It has been another full week in my life. Between classes, projects, and playing music every day, there is a lot of joy in my world. I hope all is well with you. Now, on with my update . . .

  1. College Check-in

One of my classes this semester involves analog black and white photography. I have borrowed a vintage Minolta SLR camera from a friend, and this last week, I developed photos in a dark room for the first time in my life. There’s something very zen about the whole developing process as you slowly see a photo you have taken magically come to life on a piece of photo paper. The slow and graceful reveal of an image inside of a tube of some sort of clear mystery liquid is a thing of beauty. I’ll be doing a lot of this over the next couple of months.

In another class, we got to poke around with the new, state-of-the-art (and very expensive) C100 Canon cameras that my department has acquired for student use. These things look like spaceships with all kinds of buttons and lights that take really good footage. These machines are very sophisticated, and I will have access to them for my projects. I won’t know what to do with myself.

2. Photography Feature: Amy Potter

One of the artists I got to photograph last November was Amy Potter. She is a local architectural ceramics artist, yoga instructor, and martial artist. This was my first time visiting her home studio, and she was incredibly down-to-earth and friendly. It was mesmerizing watching her transform what looked like a glob of mud and clay into the body of a gorgeous ceramic vessel. It was almost as if she was conjuring a shapeless form and spirit into life. She made it look very easy, but I could tell that there was a great deal of skill and a developed instinct involved in this process.

She had all kinds of beautiful mugs, fermentation vessels, and sinks for my eyes to behold. I got to have a glimpse of someone who is deeply engaged in her art and local community while lovingly raising her son and building a life on her own terms.

She has recently launched her new website where you can see more photos of her unique and often custom pieces. You can see more of her work by clicking here:

Special thanks to Amy Potter for having me. It was marvelous getting to see her conjure more beauty into the world. Here are the photos I took:

3. My Blog Tropical Shade of Green

I have just published the second installment in my Observations of Light series. This is one of a few creative writing posts I am publishing on my blog this year. Take a gander at the link below:

That’s all the news for this week!! Thank you again for following along on my strange and circuitous journey. There is SO MUCH MORE in store!


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